Subscription Boxes FAQ

Our cookie subscription boxes are the best thing to happen to mailboxes nationwide and are the perfect gift for you and everyone you know.

With the gift of a Cookie Subscription, your friend or loved one will get delicious, handmade, freshly baked cookies sent to them in whatever size and duration you choose. Simply pick your size, Flavor Collection and duration and we'll take care of the rest. 

About the 3, 6, 12 month or Forever Subscriptions

Subscription Size

  • Regular - A Small Tin of cookies (20-24 depending on flavor)
  • Mini - a Bakers Dozen of cookies (13 cookies)

Duration Options

  • Every month for 3, 6, or 12 months. These subscriptions automatically stop charging you after the chosen duration.
  • Forever - A box will ship every month until you cancel.

Flavor Collections

  • Bakers Choice - Whatever we feel like sending you! But we promise no repeats in a 12 month cycle.
  • Chocolate Lovers - all our favorite chocolately cookies
  • The Classics - Think Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin, etc.
  • Gluten Free - One of our three standard Gluten Free options - sometimes some flavors we're testing, too!

About the Yearly Holiday Subscription

Subscription Size

  • Small - A Small Assortment Tin holds approximately 28 cookies.
  • Large - A Large Assortment Tin holds approximately 50 cookies.


  • The Holiday Tin Subscription ships once every two months for a total of six (6) times in the course of a 365 day period.

About the Baking Kit Subscription

Subscription Type

  • Bakers Box - Each kit will come in a cardboard bakers box.
  • Tin - Each kit will come in a gold tin, tied with a ribbon.


  • The Baking Kit subscription will ship once a month until you cancel.

About All the Subscriptions

    Printable PDF

    Whatever subscription you choose, you'll also receive a free printable pdf you can use to let the subscription recipient know they just got the best gift ever. Download your printable PDF here.

    When do you ship Subscriptions?

    We ship on Mondays.

    • For the once-a month subscriptions (3, 6, 12, Forever, and Baking Kit subscriptions), your cookies/kits are prepared fresh and shipped the first month of the month following your purchase.

    I ordered on the first Monday of the month. Can my Subscription start now? 

    If we received your order before 10am on that first Monday of the month, we'll make sure we start shipping immediately. Please let us know in the checkout comments if you do not want this to be the case.

    Can I order now and specify to start the Subscription later? 

    Absolutely! Say it's September and you're getting ahead on all your Holiday shopping or you're planning for upcoming birthday presents...  you can let us know in the comments at checkout what month you'd like the subscription to begin.

    I won't be home for a shipment. Can I delay it?

    You can email us to discuss your options for delaying a shipment but you should be able to manage your subscriptions via the link provided you when you purchased it.