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Hi there! I’m Julie! I’d love to tell you more about how Noshy came to be.
As a legal entity, Noshy started in January 2014. As an idea, late 2013. But in truth, the journey that brought me here started much, much earlier.


Let’s set the scene. It’s the mid 1980s in South Jersey. You’re in a large wood paneled kitchen with pineapple-stenciled cream colored fabric window coverings. Christmas music is playing. The air smells of warm cookies.

This is where it all started. Just a girl and her Dad, combining flour and sugar into delicious cookies for the holidays. (See the two of us below, circa 2003?)

I don’t actually have a specific memory of being taught how to bake; it’s something that I’ve always known how to do.

Making cookies at Christmastime was always quite a production. Aluminum foil would be laid on basically every semi-horizontal surface within 10 feet of the kitchen so that we’d have sufficient room to cool the fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies.

Dad and I knew nothing of room temperature butter or properly measured flour but the cookies were delicious nonetheless and we always had a fun time. It was a great arm workout too – mixers be damned, all dough was made in one specific bowl and stirred with one specific work-horse of a spoon. And until I was older, try as I might, Dad usually had to finish mixing the dough – my wee little arms just could not deal.

In fact, I never made cookies with anything other than a (particular) bowl and (a particular) spoon until I started Noshy and bought my first-ever mixer. (But let me tell you, had I known how amazing life with a mixer is, I would have asked for one for Christmas many, MANY years ago).

When it wasn’t Christmastime, we didn’t bake a lot. But there were always cookies. My grandparents lived near a great little German bakery and I’d easily polish off a plate of cookies in no time flat. Or someone would always be putting packages of Oreo or Stella D’Oro in the shopping cart.

Even when that bakery closed, at a local farm where we’d buy our produce (and I’d pet the llama they had), I’d always get a cupcake covered in blue sprinkles, all dressed up like Cookie Monster.

Cookies were in my life while I was a Brownie and Girl Scout, too. For many years running, Mom was the “Cookie Mom” and I had the highest cookie sales many years running.

As an adult, cookies were always my go-to snack. They were perfect while traveling, great for celebrations, and fantastic for when you just needed a little something sweet. No special utensils needed. Just you and the cookie. (and usually some milk, because: dunking.)

So, in hindsight, it seems that despite my education and initial professional choices, cookies were bound to be a thing.

And I’m so glad you’re here to enjoy it with me. Join the conversation on your social media of choice or sign up to be a part of our inner circle and get emailed updates, discounts, and fun surprises! (See below for Social and Newsletter links/signups.)

And, of course, don’t wait another second before trying our cookies!