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Team Noshy is Growing!

The rest of the year is going to look very different this year here at Noshy. (As if this year wasn't different enough already?) But this is for a wonderful reason and not this seemingly never-ending global health pandemic. Team Noshy has grown! Julie, our founder and chief baker, had her first child in November!

Our new little baker means that Noshy will be shutting down general production from November 1st through early January. Unfortunately, COVID has impacted our staffing abilities this year and with Julie home with baby, we simply don't have the (wo)manpower to handle our usual end-of-year orders.

But you can still send cookies to yourself and your loved ones!

1. Get a subscription box!
All current subscribers will continue to receive their cookie boxes as normal while we're closed. New subscription orders placed after November 1st will start shipping in January.

Noshy cookie subscription boxes come in various sizes, flavor collections, and durations. All subscriptions come with a free printable/emailable PDF you can send to your gift recipient letting them know what deliciousness will be coming to their mailboxes when the clock strikes 2021!

2. Make our cookies yourselves!
With Noshy cookies Baking Kits you can enjoy the deliciousness of some of our cookie flavors (and banana muffins!) DIY style! Noshy cookie kits include all the dry ingredients you need along with a list of refrigerated items and instructions on turning your kitchen into a Noshy bakery!

We can't wait to see you in the new year. Have a wonderful holiday season! 

'til the Cookies Return,
Team Noshy