How we're working during Covid-19

May 4, 2020 Update:

The closure order of non-essential businesses has been extended in VA until May 14th but even when that date passes, we will not be altering our original pandemic model. We are, however, looking into additional ways besides free shipping to serve you in a contactless manner.

For now, we continue to process orders as fast as we can on the three days we're working - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Orders received before 10am on those days mostly go out same-day. Orders placed after 10am on Wednesday will be shipped on the following Monday.

We thank you for all your patience and support during these strange, strange times. And we absolutely love seeing all the lovely messages you're sending to each other with your orders. Keep 'em coming! <3



March 23, 2020 Update:

Okay loves... Governor Northam's Executive Order #53 states that all non essential business must close effective midnight Tuesday. However, businesses that can handle the "less than 10 people" and the "6 feet" rules may remain open.

While working on getting all of your orders out today, Leigh (my amazing bakery manager and generally fantastic human) and I worked on opposite sides of our 600sqft kitchen, using the middle prep area to pass each other things while keeping distance. Was it overkill? Maybe. Did it make us feel better? Yes.

While I miss hugging my team, this is necessary. We will remain open for the time being as long as we can remain apart and safe. We schedule USPS pickups and basically go from our houses to the kitchen and back.

However, to allow for plenty of self care (I for one have never had anxiety before but whooboy do I now!) we are going to limit our working days to Mondays - Wednesdays. We will continue to fresh bake and ship out your orders (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SO MANY OF THEM!) and we appreciate your patience during this time.

~Julie, owner.