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There's something special about cookies. They're self-contained, no-hassle treats that are both special and familiar. They are the best pick-me-up, the perfect companion, and great for any celebration from weddings to Wednesdays. Our founder started her cookie journey in the kitchen with her Dad and never looked back. We know you won't either.

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Customer L♥︎VE

Do you want the best cookies you'll ever buy? Seriously, these things should come with a warning: "So good your head might explode." 

Guy, NJ

Oh my goodness these cookies kinda changed my life/perception of good cookie quality.

Rachel, DC

These cookies smell better than most cookies taste. Just opening a tin is a wonderful experience before even biting into them.

Kevin, CO

My husband will not stop talking about your cookies. He would like it known that I am allowed to buy cookies for him any day.

Stephanie, NY

ZOMG, I think I have just found my idea of cookie heaven... I need more of these and I need them fast. 

Alex, age 11

This is the greatest Chocolate Chip Cookie I've ever had.

Macy, VA

The Cardamom Molasses Cookies are some of the best cookies I've eaten ever, from anywhere.

Amy, VA

I had the opportunity to sample Noshy's Spiced Stars and Cardamom Molasses at an event last night, and THEY WERE FANTASTIC!  I found myself repeatedly wandering by the table for another sample.

Judy, NH


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